Want to Adopt a dog?

Choosing a rescue dog for the family should include input from everyone in the family but needs to be done without emotion. No dog, especially a rescue dog should be considered a present from one family member to another or the whole family. It is important to understand what it takes to rescue a dog and Pommy & Pals Dog Rescue can help with your decision making process. First we ask that you poll all family members and make sure everyone in the family understands the commitment a new dog brings to your family… and before you call or email us please click this link and fill out our Adoption Application.


Want to Foster a dog?

Fostering a rescue dog is the most rewarding experience. Knowing that the dog you are fostering isn’t sitting in a shelter somewhere waiting for someone to pick him or her out gives the furry baby peace of mind. Most rescues come from an abusive or neglected environment and a good home, where they can feel loved with human companionship is all they want before they go to their forever home. If you are interested in fostering for Pommy & Pals Dog Rescue please click this link and fill out our Foster Application.


Are considering Surrendering your dog?

Surrendering your dog is no easy task. Many emotions run through your brain… am I doing the right thing, will my furry baby be taken care of… the list goes on. At Pommy & Pals Dog Rescue we understand that usually circumstances beyond your control has lead you up to making a decision of surrender.  We can help… and will help.

Before you call or email us please click this link and fill out our Surrender Form.

Want to Donate?

Running a Dog Rescue takes a bunch of people with passion and more money than the average person understands. When a dog is rescued from a bad environment it always has to have Vet care of some kind…these visits range from hundreds of dollars to many thousands of dollars. Pommy Rescue will always do what’s best for the dog… and if that means spending $2500.00 dollars on a major operation, we will do it.  We know that when we spend the money the life of the dog and the life of a family can be forever changed… please help us keep fighting for the displaced dogs that need homes and…

Donate to Pommy Country Rescue.