Running a Dog Rescue takes a bunch of people with passion and more money than the average person understands. When a dog is rescued from a bad environment it always has to have Vet care of some kind…these visits range from hundreds of dollars to many thousands of dollars. Pommy Country will always do what’s best for the dog… and if that means spending $2500.00 dollars on a major operation, we will do it. We know that when we spend the money the life of the dog and the life of a family can be forever changed… please help us keep fighting for the displaced dogs that need homes.

Donations can be made the following ways:
– Cash donation directly to a Pommy & Pals Dog Rescue representative
– Etransfer (in Canada) or Paypal to
– Putting a payment directly on our vet bill – Twin Rivers Animal Hospital – Unit C, 1420 Hugh Allen Drive in Kamloops (250) 828-2939 or by etransfer to (please let us know if you are choosing the method of paying the vet directly)
– Drop your empty bottles off and let the following businesses know you are donating it to Pommy & Pals in Kamloops-General Grants – North Shore, Sahali & South Shore (for bottle pickups in Kamloops please sent us an email

Pommy & Pals Dog Rescue is a registered Society in Canada. Currently we are not able to issue tax receipts but we expect to in the very future.

We are always looking for donations of dog related items or items that can be used in silent auctions: please email us if you would like to make a donation.

– Piddle pads
– Xpens
– Xsmall, small & medium step-in harnesses

Donate to Pommy Country Rescue.