Adoption fees range based on the age and health of the dog being adopted. The range can anywhere between $150 – $500.

Adoption fee covers a portion of the vet care completed on adoptable dogs. In most cases, the vet care is much more then the adoption fee of the dog. These are average prices for vet care but can run much higher:
Vet office visit: $45+
Spay: $215+
Neuter: $175+
Dental: $550+
Vaccines: $65+
Rabies vaccine: $22+
De-worm: $40+ (depending on weight)
Microchip: $50
X-ray: $120
Geriatric blood panel: $200+
Anal Glands: $24+

Yes… but you must be willing to travel to Kamloops, BC to finalize the adoption and pick up the dog.

Yes… but you will not be allowed to “ship” your new adopted dog in cargo. He/She must be able to fly with you in cabin.

Yes… all dogs have a general health check up, are spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccines, micro-chipped and de-wormed. Other medical needs are addressed including dentals when required.