Fostering a rescue dog is the most rewarding experience. Knowing that the dog you are fostering isn’t sitting in a shelter somewhere waiting for someone to pick him or her out gives the furry baby peace of mind. Most rescues come from an abusive or neglected environment and a good home, where they can feel loved with human companionship is all they want before they go to their forever home. If you are interested in fostering for Pommy Country Rescue please click this link and fill out our Foster Application.

Foster homes provide a safe, loving home environment for a rescue dog to be able to transition into finding a forever home. Pommy Country supplies food, vet care and grooming needs, you provide the home, love & basic training.

Foster homes are expected to:
– Provide updated photos of the foster dog weekly to our Facebook volunteer page (if not on Facebook, they must be emailed or sent via text message)
– Update on how the foster dog is doing , any behavioural or health concerns need to be addressed as soon as they are noted.
– Take foster to vet appointments (we work these around your schedules to make it easy for you).
– Provide basic training if needed such as walking on leash and basic housebreaking.

Click here to go to the online Foster – Volunteer form.