We realize that sometimes keeping your dog just is not possible for a number of reasons – illness, a move into a retirement residence, lifestyle changes such as divorce, job transfer or job loss, financial hardships and other overwhelming and other unforeseen circumstances. We understand that giving up your pet is a difficult and often heart wrenching decision, but that in making this decision, you are thinking about your dog’s best interests.

If you have made the decision to surrender your dog to rescue, please note:
• You will be asked to provide a picture of your dog
• Please complete the owner surrender form, telling us everything you can about your dog. Please be truthful and let us know everything – both good and bad! – as all information will help us make the best decisions for your dog.
• You will be required to sign the form relinquishing ownership and all rights to your dog to our organization.
• You will be asked to provide proof of ownership of your dog (for example vet records, microchip/tattoo registration, etc)

When Pommy Country takes your dog into rescue, we place him/her into a foster home that is best suited to their needs. Once your dog has arrived with us, our foster home will assess your dog for health and behaviours as well, your dog will get all needed veterinary care completed. Once your dog is ready for adoption we will start screening applications and will choose the best suited home for your dog. We never adopt on a first come basis as all dogs are placed with a home that is best suited for them.

Owner surrender form: SURRENDER FORM